Happy Pi Day 2011, Everyone!

It’s that time of the year again – our favorite holiday for the past decade. Pi Day. A reminder of the math geeks that have brought wisdom and light on our planet for centuries past.

Depending on who you ask, they all have different terms for Pi. Transcendental, irrational, easy, hard… but we prefer the term ‘magical.’

(If only that pie tasted as wonderful as it looks! Alas, it was good, but not that good!)

Happy Pi Day 2011!

Go out, have some fun, bake a pie, read a math journal, write some geeky code, and tell some math jokes. This is the one day each year you’re allowed to let your inner geek show and not worry about being too geeky. On Pi Day, it’s cool to be nerdy!

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  • One thought on “Happy Pi Day 2011, Everyone!

    1. At first view I thought there’s a missing E on the Pie word. After reading I started to understand now. Happy Pi Day back to all the nerdy one! lol

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