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  • 17 thoughts on “Google’s Chrome Gets a New Logo

    1. One of the MAIN things I didn’t like about Chrome was it’s logo on the taskbar!

      I’m updating just for the new logo – how sad is that!

    2. not a fan of the logo but i understand why they did it. google is trying to align it with its other logos which are very basic and 2d. the old logo was too shiny/apple for their taste.

    3. Nice… definitely nice. The old one was a bit too flashy almost…

      I wonder how much they payed for each of those to be made. I suppose Google probably has quite a few in house graphic designers…. but still, they’re being paid. Right?

    4. Wait, you mean people pay them? I just beat mine with sticks and throw them sandwiches occasionally; they seem satisfied.

    5. I like square icons with high contrast and rounded corners..

      ..that sparkle randomly and pulsate on mouseOver displaying 32bit alpha blended dropshadows that look like the evil shadow guys from the movie “Ghost” and whenever you delete a file they come and snatch the icon and drag it to “hell” which is just your recycle bin but much more evil..

    6. vague resemblance to shutter leaves.
      also they are the google colors, closing in on that blue marble (google uber alles)

      “I just beat mine with sticks and throw them sandwiches occasionally; they seem satisfied.”
      mine enjoy catching their own cockroaches and rodents for supper.

    7. I think the old style one was better looking. 3d is kind of cool with the depth to it, the 2d looks kind of plain and simple. Maybe that is what everyone likes now. Why is it we constantly need change these days. Nobody can just leave things alone. Always changing. I wish things would just slow down a little, but that is probably not going to happen. Oh well it’s just a logo and not the end of the world I guess.

    8. maybe the chrome update made it too resource hungry and they had to make the grafx less purdy to save some cpu cycles

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