Vista and Longhorn Wallpapers Gallery

Just a quick update of sorts: The NeoSmart Technologies Image Gallery now has every single Longhorn and Vista wallpaper released to date,1 most in hi-res, all available for free download. They’re really beautiful and capture what Vista is all about – … Continue reading

Vista & Longhorn Server’s “Improved” Security

“Windows Vista is the most secure Windows ever!” — or so Microsoft claims. That’s not much of a boast however, I mean, if an operating system doesn’t get more secure as it progresses and evolves, there is certainly something fishy … Continue reading

Windows Longhorn Server April CTP

Windows Longhorn Server April CTP has just been made available for download to official tech beta testers over at Microsoft Connect. The last build available was 6001-16497-070330-1510 for the February CTP, released two months ago. The LHS April ’07 CTP … Continue reading

Windows Vista Build 5728 Released

3 weeks to the day after the Sep. 1st release of Windows Vista RC1, Microsoft has let another build out. Windows Vista Build 5728 is an IDX build (which technically has no meaning at this point – a certain level … Continue reading

Windows Longhorn/IE7 Beta Program Rewards!

Windows Vista RTM’d a week ago, and now, the beta testers have gotten their swag. If you (actively) participated in the Longhorn Beta program, this is your chance to get a free (as in free speech beer) Windows Vista Business … Continue reading

Is digitalfive Closing up Shop for Good?

Take a look at digitalfive’s homepage… it doesn’t look out of the ordinary, but underneath the surface something is definitely rumbling – loud too. For the past couple of days under cover of IRC chatrooms and furtive Instant Messaging conversations, … Continue reading

Bootsect.exe Modifies the Bootsector Not the MBR!!

We’ve noticed a lot of people posting questions both in our support forums and in the Windows Vista newsgroups having issues getting bootsect.exe to do their bidding. Bootsect.exe is a command-line utility that ships on the Windows Vista DVD intended to repair a non-booting … Continue reading

New Windows Vista Build 5308.60 Released!

It is Build 5308! No, not the same 5308 that was released last week, a different 5308! The build released last week was 5308.17; where .17 means recompile number 17. On February 28th, 2006, a new build was released, just … Continue reading