Windows 8 CP (Build 8250) Wallpapers Now Available

As trivial as it may seem, ever since the Windows Longhorn beta program one of the most exciting “features” of a new Windows build release are the new wallpapers that come with it. Build 8250 comes with six new wallpapers (and one old one), which we’ve added to our gallery.

It seems Microsoft is focusing on providing backgrounds that span the resolution of multiple-monitor setups, so there are only four new “normal widescreen” wallpapers, though the other two can still be used in crop mode easily enough. My favorite is probably the new “origami” beta fish background.

(Note: I will not be reviewing this release of Windows 8; suffice it to say that it is ridiculously hard to use, very much fragmented in terms of UX/UI, and generally focusing on all the wrong things. But nice wallpapers FTW.)

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  • 4 thoughts on “Windows 8 CP (Build 8250) Wallpapers Now Available

    1. Windows 8 is absolutely NOT hard to use and in the matter of fact it is really quite similar to Windows 7 — just faster, smoother and better. I have been using the CP version for a while now and at first, I started of really hating it as well. But then I got past the new START screen and realized that it really is better than Windows 7. I personally like the new START screen and it is very easy to switch between the START screen (100% customizable, btw.) and the desktop — very easy! I’m running Windows 8 right now and probably will continue to run it until the RTM is available. Why? Because it’s quite stable already and it runs faster, smoother than Windows 7.

    2. Since installing windows 8 consumer preview I can not print Envelopes because the delivery and return address box will not open. All other printing options work just fine. What happened?

    3. You are right, nice wallpapers, but I give 8 a try and too much tools crash for whatever reason.

    4. A number of people ask on the web where (which archipelago) the Lonely Island wallpaper picture is from? Do you know or are you able to find out?

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