All Windows 8 Wallpaper and Backgrounds Now Available

Continuing the tradition started long ago, now that Windows 8 RTM has been made available, we’re excited to announce the availability of the one part of Windows 8 everyone can agree is an excellent and welcome feature, and one we’re all more than willing and eager to welcome and embrace with open arms: the new official wallpapers and backgrounds!

There are some really great additions to the previous entries from the beta builds, though in a completely different vein from what we’ve come to expect from Windows Vista and Windows 7: not as much focus on natural beauty. In many ways, the Windows 8 wallpapers feel a lot more like the ones we first saw in the Longhorn beta: focus on effects, stressing modernity, and lots of color. Not a bad thing, of course… after all, the Longhorn wallpapers were what first started the whole craze.

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Gallery Updated, Windows 8 Backgrounds Added

Just a quick and friendly note to all our users: we’ve been working on the NeoSmart Technologies image gallery and have pushed out a number of updates that should make it both easier on the eyes and easier to navigate.

Some of the changes include nicer icons for all the albums (verses a mosaic of contents), links to full-size images on our extensive collection of tech-related wallpapers, fixing of overall alignment, and a few other cosmetic issues. If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or feedback, please do share because we’re (as always) all ears.

For lovers of beautiful backgrounds, we have two “new” collections to share: the official Windows 8 wallpapers to date, and the OS X Lion wallpapers bundle. We’ll be updating the Windows 8 backgrounds with each released build, so check back often! Some samples after the jump.

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Windows 7 Wallpapers Now Available for Download

NeoSmart Technologies’ gallery of Windows Vista wallpapers has been a huge hit over the past several years – despite what anyone might say about Vista itself, its collection of wallpapers and fonts is top-notch. And now it seems that Windows 7 isn’t going to be any different – from what we’ve seen, the wallpapers shipping with Windows 7 are pretty darn good.

The Official Windows 7 Wallpapers are now available for download from the NeoSmart Image Gallery. Only several wallpapers have been released accompanying various Windows 7 builds thus far, but we’ll keep adding new ones to the gallery as they’re shipped.

Here are some of our favorite new wallpapers:



You can see these and more at the gallery here, along with the old Windows Vista ones here and here.

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Vista and Longhorn Wallpapers Gallery

Just a quick update of sorts: The NeoSmart Technologies Image Gallery now has every single Longhorn and Vista wallpaper released to date,1 most in hi-res, all available for free download. They’re really beautiful and capture what Vista is all about – whatever that is. That’s over 120 high-quality wallpapers for you to enjoy!

  1. We’ve done our very best to make sure we have them all, but if we’re missing some, please, let us know

The NeoSmart Image Gallery…

The best thing about having our own server is that we don’t have to worry about the load. That means we can use resource & bandwidth hungry scripts like our image gallery without a fear in the world. To celebrate, we’ve taken this opportunity to completely redo our image gallery, and have filled in all the blanks. You’ll find images of all sorts and kinds there now, but we’d like to direct your attention to one gallery (and it’s brethren!) in particular: Windows Vista.

Besides the huge build gallery, there’s also, for the first time, every single RTM Vista wallpaper, all in hi-res quality, available in both widescreen and standard format. The “ambience,” “paintings,” “Vistas,” and “textures” categories are all there, in pristine digital goodiness, awaiting your downloads! Drive our hamsters mad, work them like they’ve never worked before; what else did we get them for!?