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The best thing about having our own server is that we don’t have to worry about the load. That means we can use resource & bandwidth hungry scripts like our image gallery without a fear in the world. To celebrate, we’ve taken this opportunity to completely redo our image gallery, and have filled in all the blanks. You’ll find images of all sorts and kinds there now, but we’d like to direct your attention to one gallery (and it’s brethren!) in particular: Windows Vista.

Besides the huge build gallery, there’s also, for the first time, every single RTM Vista wallpaper, all in hi-res quality, available in both widescreen and standard format. The “ambience,” “paintings,” “Vistas,” and “textures” categories are all there, in pristine digital goodiness, awaiting your downloads! Drive our hamsters mad, work them like they’ve never worked before; what else did we get them for!?


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