NeoSmart Gallery Updated

If you came here yesterday looking for screenshots and captures of Windows Vista build 5365; you should leave here today happier, because we already have 80+ captures from 5365 ready for your enjoyment..
You can start looking at the pictures from within our Vista 5365 album or take a look at the twenty new breath-taking wallpapers in 5365 immediately if you so choose… or you can read on to see what's there, what will be, and why we need your help.

At the moment we have amassed a stunning amount of images from various stages during the setup process, and single screenshots of almost every desktop function available. We are working on getting some more screenshots up of the various Control Panel features, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, and then some.

While we are working hard to get the right images up to make everyone feel a part of the beta, we'd like to emphasize that this isn't just our gallery; but our gallery. Confusing? Let me rephrase: the gallery is open to the public. Anyone who so wishes can browse it, add to it, comment on the images, and much more; all for free and without any limitations. So if you're feeling up to a challenge, upload away, and let the world see what you have to offer!

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