Windows Longhorn/IE7 Beta Program Rewards!

Windows Vista RTM’d a week ago, and now, the beta testers have gotten their swag. If you (actively) participated in the Longhorn Beta program, this is your chance to get a free (as in free speech beer) Windows Vista Business or Ultimate Edition product key (legally, and it activates!).

We would like to offer you a copy of the software and a product key for Windows Vista Business Edition or, if you are eligible Ultimate Edition. You are eligible to choose Ultimate Edition if the machine on which you intend to install Windows Vista already has a DVD drive and is currently licensed for DVD playback, i.e., you have already licensed one or more pieces of software for playing back DVDs (such as Intervideo® WinDVD®, Cyberlink PowerDVD® or any number of other popular DVD playback applications)

Once you choose your edition and agree to the terms you will immediately be able to download the DVD image.  Your product key will be retrievable within 1 week and you will receive an email notification at that time.  You may immediately install the software by choosing “Next” at the product key prompt during setup.  On the next screen choose the edition that matches your request and continue through setup.  You will have 30 days within which to enter your product key at the activation prompt…

The only requirement to receiving this free product key is that throughout the duration of the beta program you submitted at least one bug – nothing more, nothing less. We’ve seen plenty of swag in and out of Microsoft in our years of beta testing, but we can definitely say this is the largest (and most expensive) swag give-out to date. Thousands of beta testers, unbelievably low requirements, and expensive licenses.

Although the qualification requirements are unbelievably low, the fact remains that hundreds of such “testers” that never filed a bug in the year-and-a-half have already started complaining about not receving a free license. We think the requirements are way more than fair; after all, if one couldn’t be bothered to file a single bug report in a 1.5 years, what use could they possibly have for Vista anyway? The point of a beta program is, the last time we checked at any rate, to report bugs – not to ignore them.

At any rate, if you’ve managed to spare the time for one bug report in 500 days (give or take), congratulations. Head over to now to claim your free product key, you’ve earned it.

Source: Microsoft

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  • 58 thoughts on “Windows Longhorn/IE7 Beta Program Rewards!

    1. i nead a windows vista product key i dryed vmcb9-fdrv6-6cdqm-rv23k-rp8f7 and that does not work …. i have a vista home basick product key that my computer came with willing to trad please help me see i upgraded to vista ultimate from home basic and the program i download sead that it did not nead a oem so i went ahead and installed it now i cant do and thing becaust i nead a product key for ultimate i cant even do a sistem restor to when i had home basic instaled please i really nead windows vista ultimate product key please

    2. I have tried a couple of the product kys and it says they are already in use
      I bought my HP at Micro Center and a year later it is asking for a product key what a rip is there a way around this?

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