Ultimate Tag Warrior and WordPress 2.1

For anyone trying out WordPress and interested in keeping their tags alive: don’t. Ultimate Tag Warrior is completely broken with WordPress 2.1 and you can lose all your tags by upgrading to WordPress 2.1. In the more recent SVN revisions of WordPress 2.1, any time a comment is added, deleted, or unapproved, you lose all the tags for that particular post. It’s a damn shame, because UTW is an excellent plugin, and WordPress 2.1 is a big improvement over 2.0.

Bunny’s Technorati Tags is a more basic tagging solution, but it’s verified working on WordPress 2.1. If you can figure out how to switch from UTW to Bunny’s TT you can easily switch back when Christine releases a new version of UTW that’s compatible with WP 2.1 via her import from custom-field feature. Just be very careful, make database backups, and use Google when you get stuck.

Get the fix here.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Ultimate Tag Warrior and WordPress 2.1

    1. I’m using Matthias’ fix for the old version, and it’s working great – I’m not seeing any of the reported issues on Christine’s site.

      I’ll be upgrading NeoSmart Technologies to the new version once Christine sorts out the trouble, I’ve sent her an email letting her know exactly what fixed the problem. Thanks for the heads-up, Tyler.

      For those of you that don’t know, NeoSmart Technologies is now powered by a modified version of Tyler’s “Unwakeable” theme.

    2. Something else that would be good to have read in the readme.txt of this plugin (well, it’d be good to have in any plugin’s readme.txt where one is required to insert functions into the theme somewhere) is the concept of error proofing your install’s theme with the if (function_exists('UTW_ShowWeightedTagSet'))UTW_ShowWeightedTagSet(); for those times when you knowingly (or not) deactivate a plugin and break everything below that point on the site from showing up.

      Just recently completed completely recoding the entire theme (sort of on-the-job theming tutorial) and just wasn’t aware of the concepts behind making sure your site will still work when you turn off the plugin or widget.

      Anyway, after shoring up that UTW function and several others, I can now deactivate all plugins and other than some missing visuals (notably the tag cloud) the site works completely and is fully functional. Hope that helps the new folks out there that in another couple of weeks will no longer be new 😉


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