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WordPress 2.2 Adds Tagging Support!

It seems like the latest SVN commits to WordPress have added tagging support to the popular open-source blogging platform… and it’s about time, too! It’s no longer stuff you have to add by plugin, so WordPress is finally getting with the times and adding this much-requested functionality to the upcoming WordPress 2.2 (due to be released April 22, 2007). See for yourself:

(Click for full-size image…..)

This is a really, really important feature that WordPress has forever been lacking. While WordPress (like Firefox) makes up for most deficiencies with its powerful plugin interface, the core features most bloggers demand aren’t usually skimped on, so it’s good to see that WordPress 2.2 will feature tagging support out-of-the-box, so to speak.

(Oh, and BTW, don’t try to get Ultimate Tag Warrior to work on WordPress 2.2 – it won’t without some heavy hacking!)