The NeoSmart Files Cyber Monday Sale

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be joining in the Cyber Monday fun: this year, all our system recovery and repair CDs at are 15% off for Cyber Monday!

This one-day only sale is your chance to grab a copy of a system recovery CD and prepare for a rainy day. Protect against future damage with our powerful repair and recovery CDs, and burn a copy of Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows to keep handy for the next time your system won’t boot because of a virus, failed Windows update, or other unfortunate incident.

Are you expecting a copy of Windows 8 for Christmas? Even the best laid plans can go awry, this is the perfect time to protect against a system upgrade gone wrong. EasyRE for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 can get your PC back up and running from the brink of disaster, helping you roll back to before system boot BSODs, backup and recover your important pictures, music, files, and movies, automatically search for and fix many issues that prevent Windows from loading or starting correctly, and more.

Take advantage of this one-day sale and save! The recovery software can be burned to a CD or a USB, and you’ll be thankful you purchased it today the next time your PC can’t boot and you have no way of downloading and burning a repair CD to fix it with.

SystemDiscs Cyber Monday Sale