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Hello iReboot 2.0!

Everyone, please say hello and welcome to iReboot 2.0! Officially under beta since May 2010, iReboot 2.0 commemorates Pi Day 2015 with the spirit of less is more and simply brings fit and finish to an already rock-solid release.

iReboot is EasyBCD’s little helper: a simple and to-the-point taskbar icon that sits in your tray and gives you a right-click menu you can use to choose which OS to boot into. Done. iReboot 2.0 is designed with function and pragmatism in mind, and we’re proud to announce that the new 2.0 release just takes it that much further.

While iReboot has always sat a little in EasyBCD’s shadow, it has truly come into its own and we’re extremely grateful to all of the loyal users who have built up quite the dedicated fanbase for iReboot and have contributed ideas and pointed out flaws over the years.

iReboot 2.0 brings more of what you loved about iReboot 1.1.1 but remains steadfast in its footsteps. A full changelog is available, but here our some of our favorite points:

Download iReboot 2.0 (295 KiB)

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iReboot is free for home use, and commercial licenses can be had for $10 for a limited time from our online store. Buy a license and help support future development of iReboot, EasyBCD, and other cool, life-saving software!