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Windows Flag 10With Windows 10 just around the corner, we’re mighty happy to report that our award-winning Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows is now currently available for absolutely free to all Windows 10 preview and RTM users.


Easy Recovery Essentials® for Windows, for those that haven’t tried it before, is a one-click disaster recovery CD for Windows that features 100% automated diagnostics and repair for Windows PCs. It’ll automatically go through an extensive battery of tests and solve all problems as it finds them (very quickly, too!) – all you have to do is boot from an EasyRE CD or USB stick, and select the OS you want to repair.

Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 10 joins the rest of the EasyRE product family providing the following features:

  • EasyRE is a Windows 10 repair disc that repairs all bootmgr, bcd, and winload.exe errors.
  • EasyRE is the only repair CD to repair EFI bootloader errors and problems with bootmfw.efi, winload.efi, and more.
  • Easy Recovery Essentials automatically finds and corrects issues with the MBR, GPT, and partition records, resolving issues with the active partition, incorrectly configured partition entries, recursive partition records, overlapping partitions, and corrupted boot headers.
  • EasyRE detects and resolves dozens of boot-time blue screens of death, and prevents many other BSODs while Windows is loading and when it is running.

Aside from the award-winning and exclusive automated repair functionality, EasyRE also presents many features useful in repairing computers and fixing problems:

  • System/registry rollback and restore
  • Offline virus scanning
  • Deleted partition recovery tools
  • Modern web browser
  • Graphical partition editor

EasyRE can be made into a bootable CD or a bootable USB, and is compatible with just about every computer (32- and 64-bit) from all manufacturers, and supports Windows XP through Windows 10, in all languages and SKUs. EasyRE is also available for servers and for computer repair technicians.

FREE Download: Windows 10 Recovery ISO

The usual disclaimers apply: Windows 10 is still in beta, we cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong (not that it should). While EasyRE has been fully updated and tested for compatibility with Windows 10 TP build 9926, we do not officially offer support for the Windows 10 versions of EasyRE at this time. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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167 thoughts on “Windows 10 Recovery CD Free Download

  1. 48 hour expiration impliessome part of the offer inactivated soon, either the download offer or perhaps either the iso wont after that instal or that time after instal, run; possibly useable going forward with system clock set back.

    PLEASE EXPLAIN the 48 hours aspect.

    IF this is essentially a ‘trial’, what other version will be/is available, when, where, and offered at what price…

  2. Amit to me it is very clear, the link to the download times out after 48 hours which means that you have 48 hours to download the software. The software itself does not have any time restrictions on it and will keep working.

  3. My god no one can read here. How may times do you guys need people to explain that the link expires after 48 hours but the software continues to work? Sheesh, guys!

  4. Thanks for the free offer Mahmoud but unfortunately could not get it to boot from old style BIOS machine loaded with Win 10 Preview. Went into a loop showing Testing Drive, mount_msdosfs for a few minutes then came up with a rebooting in x seconds message.

  5. mqudsi,

    Can you please check for a PM on from me regarding this product and your comments there.


  6. Man, what a life saver.. I tried absolutely everything.. worked first time. Going to go donate a couple hundred. Shewwwweee.. what a product.

    IE 10 Was in a boot Loop with the message recovering windows.

  7. FREE? REALLY? This ad was posted yesterday 7-30-2015 for FREE and now it’s NOT? Nice scam there NeoDumb!

  8. I have just download Win 10. It worked okay and installed my printers and scanner. I then plugged in a Seagate External hard drive and it seemed alright. When I started my computer up again errors started to appear and it automatically reboots only for it to keep bringing up errors. The main error seems to be attempted execute no execute memory. But I can also get page fault no execute page fault, page fault in non paged area, unexpe ted kernal mode trap and kernel mode exception not handled. Because of this my computer reboots within 2 minutes after logging in and sometimes before I log in. How can I fix this if it keeps logging out before I can check anything?

  9. Hello, my pc is currently stuck in a boot loop and I can’t get to recovery mode anymore, so I used the ISO from this website.

    Unfortunately I’m getting an ‘invalid partition table’ error with easyRE professional for windows 10. I made a bootable usb drive with easy USB creator lite, as explained on this site. Any ideas?

  10. I tried the Easy Recovery Essentials bootable CD with Windows 10 Recovery Disk twice, and all I get after running Windows 10 64 bit edition automated repair (waiting some 4 hours) is the 4-pane Windows 10 icon with a progress circle underneath for 2 hours. The second time I booted from the CD the same thing happened and then after about 5 minutes only a light blue background across the whole screen appears with no indicator of anything happening after more than a half hour. The HP Pavilion g7 fan’s continues on high. What’s going on and why doesn’t this work?

  11. why wasn’t win 10 (your recovery disc) tested for final release? Microsoft can’t get it right either. We who chose to update to Win 10 have found we have an operating system that is like a black hole

  12. i downloaded the EasyRe window 10 ISO file, I am not able to burn the file on disk. Shall I have to unzip the file before burning ?.

  13. Thank you very much! It worked great! It saved me a log of time from bring my computer back to store for repair – it usually is a very lengthy process!

  14. Please help me
    I cannot find my os when I go to automated repairs
    I’m using windows 10
    Please help

  15. I have burned the iso file in the USB but its not becoming bootable.
    How can I make it bootable as there is no setup file showing in the USB

    These are the files showing up in the USB

  16. I don’t usually leave comments as most free
    give-aways are just a con, however, this time it requires one.
    I have windows 10 and had a black screen of death it would not load at all. I downloaded the free recovery dvd on my windows 64 bit machine. I then burnt it to dvd and used it on my 32 bit windows10 machine and in 20 mins my computer was restored to its usual self. I cant thank you enough. Well done on a great job. By the way I am not a computer engineer just a novice who likes to play with computers so anybody can use this disk with just a little knowledge. Thanks again for saving me hours rebooting.

  17. Burned : EasyRE Professional for Windows 10.iso

    which I got, I tried downloading it multiple times , burned on different pen-drives using rufus 2.2

    But always getting ->
    ‘grub_isprint’ not found, error on boot.

    I use lenovo y510p, any help ??

    Thanks in advance.

  18. I just don’t know how to use the command line
    I mean ; it opens, but I have no idea of using commands
    please help

  19. Hey, I’m having issues here, when I put the ISO onto a blank usb and boot it it says “Non-system disk. Press any key to reboot” which leads back to my issue of winload.exe not working. Any help?

  20. I appreciate your making the Windows 10 ERE iso available for free. I understand that the download link that is emailed is only valid for 48hrs, and then will expire, but is there a specific date as of now as to when will start charging for the Windows 10 version of ERE?

    Also, is there any reason why my download keeps hanging, often resulting in an error? I use Torch Browser, which is based on the Google Chrome source code and implements a download accelerator within the browser. I use it for the built in torrent client and I’ve never had any downloading trouble before, and this is starting to really irritate me. I’m sure its something on my end but I just don’t understand whats going on here…

    I’m currently around 75-80 mbps… Anyone have any ideas?

  21. This worked really well for me.

    I had the boot config info error on my windows 10 and it kept on crashing and restarting before startup. I tried fixing it with CMD but I only made it worse.

    I’m glad I found this one. Thank you so much!

  22. Hi Mahmoud. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for this software. I am really sorry about this but I can’t work out how to download the software for free! Whenever I follow the links it takes me to a credit card (or PayPal) payment page where it says it will cost $39.75. Can you let me know what I am doing wrong? Cheers.

  23. Hi Mahmoud. I’m having exactly the same problem as Andrew. The site says free but asks for $39.75 when click on the link. Any help? Thanks a lot.

  24. it stated that it can’t find any valid windows partition and told me to use testdisk by command promt to manually recover it back. I tried but it still doesn’t work.

  25. I take it that this statement is just a lure:” With Windows 10 just around the corner, we’re mighty happy to report that our award-winning Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows is now available for absolutely free for all Windows 10 users for the remainder of the Windows 10 Technical Preview program”
    Do you mean it’s free to be purchased?
    Why not be straightforward and just say “our award-winning Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 10 is now available for all wise Windows users”?

  26. my windows 10 updated and I lost all USB in windows, so no keyboard or mouse. When booting I get the “choose your keyboard” screen but since I cannot use a KB or mouse I cannot choose. I used this and now I just have a blank light blue screen. What’s up with that?

  27. Hello, I hope its not too late for help, but after I do the automated repair the system boots and goes to a black screen with no cursor. Please help

  28. Hi it hasn’t fixed my computer I get a blue screen and it hasn’t fixed it when I load easy up it loads loads of white writing then greyed out writing then doesn’t do anything

  29. Hey All…..i read most of the comments but still unable to find link with free software. it would be so kind if anyone can help me in this regard

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