Apple pwned!

iPhoto comes with a new syndication style, kind of like PodCasting and RSS feeds for blogs.. But the Photocasting feature in Apple’s updated iPhoto application violates numerous internet standards, according to several dignitaries from the RSS community.

But that is not all.. They are clearly boiling, raging mad.


Apple chief executive Steve Jobs claimed at the unveiling of the application last week that the feature adheres to the RSS standard:

“We use industry standard RSS so that anyone can subscribe. You do not even need a Mac,”

RSS Commuity:

“iPhoto 6 does not understand the first thing about HTTP, the first thing about XML, or the first thing about RSS.

“It ignores features of HTTP that Netscape 4 supported in 1996, and mis-implements features of XML that Microsoft got right in 1997. It ignores 95 per cent of RSS and Atom and gets most of the remaining five per cent wrong.”

RSS Creator Dave Winer:

“It’s pretty bad. There are lots of errors, the date formats are wrong, and there are elements that are not in RSS that are not in a namespace,”

All I can say is pwned… And stop lying.

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