Microsoft Responds to Ultimate Extras Accusations

This past week, accusations/complaints have been flying around the net about Microsoft’s “Ultimate Extras” (or, more accurately, the lack-thereof), an added-value package that was promised to ship for Windows Vista Ultimate Edition without much detail as to just what it is that it would contain.

The response by the community can be easily described: No one is happy with Ultimate Extras – but a lot of people are happy with the advantages Ultimate Edition provides over the other SKUs. In short, it’s a matter of how you define “Ultimate Extras.” Are they extra utilities/features for Windows Vista Ultimate Edition or are they the stuff that Windows Vista Ultimate Edition gets extra?

Confusing? Think of it this way: Are these (optional) extra-value packs given to Ultimate Edition users on top of the existing Ultimate-benefits or are they what sets Ultimate Edition aside from other SKUs?

Microsoft Marketing has done a good job of getting Ultimate Edition sales based on a vague and nondescript “Added-value packages called Ultimate Extras will ship later on in the year for users with Ultimate Edition licenses” and had generated quite the hype with the (quite disappointing) DreamScene.

At any rate, Microsoft’s Barry Goffe posted a response on the Windows Vista Ultimate Blog which sums up what’s going to happen. Microsoft apologizes for the delay in shipping these Ultimate Extras, but makes no mention of their perceived lack of value. Basically, Microsoft is sorry it’s taking so long, but they “totally disagree” that these extras aren’t worth the price tag.

Reading between the lines (just how many times did Mr Goffe say the phrase “Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs,” anyway??), Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any other ideas ready for future Ultimate Extras – so how about giving them a hand? What would you like to see in an added-value package for Windows Vista Ultimate Edition?

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