Want to Permanently Disable Driver Verification in Vista x64?

Would you like to permanently disable driver verification in Windows Vista x64? Tired of pressing F8 at every boot?

An upcoming version of EasyBCD might just do the trick – but we need testers first! In the past we’ve introduced several changes to EasyBCD that made it easier to load certain drivers on Windows Vista x64 Edition, but now we think we have something that might give your F8 key a rest for once and for all.

If you’re running a 64-bit version of Windows Vista, are currently using (or trying to) unsigned drivers, and are willing to help us test this new solution, please post a reply below… This could be your chance!

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  • 13 thoughts on “Want to Permanently Disable Driver Verification in Vista x64?

    1. Hello,

      Running Vista x64 and would be willing to give this a try.

      Thank you

    2. Hi,

       I would love to help you out be trying this too before Vista x64 finally breaks me.



    3. Hello,

       Could you resend the invitation to this new address?  Never got the first one.


      Thank you

    4. I will pass this along to my wife, who only recently purchased a Mac but is interested in seeing how it works with Vista.  Personally I hope I live long enough to be part of a world where computers just work, in the sense of doing exactly what we ask of them.  Sometimes it really bites living in the first generation of computer users.  It?s not all bad: there?s something about being on the front edge of a revolution in how we think and behave.  But sometimes it makes me feel for people who lived through the first ?horseless carriages.?  There was a time, after all, when owning a car meant you had to know all the ins and outs of how it was put together, and getting it to do exactly what you wanted was pretty much impossible.  Sometimes I just want to drive my computer, and leave the technical fine-tuning to a mechanic.

    5. I can’t get magiciso past the driver signing issue in vista 64, when I ran bcdedit and enabled the advanced options the system wouldn’t load anything..browsers etc…so far I have had 30 blue screens in vista, none in xp..vista is extemely immature software.

      There are a lot of posts on the web under search terms “vista 64 driver signing disable and drm” it seems like Microsoft is up to something drm related here.

    6. Using vista ultimate 64-bit on asus L1N64-SLI WS

      4-core opterons. Would love to test your software, hitting F8 is fecking annoying.

      I need rivatuner to run every boot up to keep my 8800gtx cool. 

    7. Im up for it, Im sick of vista telling ME what IT wants to do.

      Time for a fightback methinks.

    8. I’m sorry to report that following the (most ridiculous) legal and corporate actions Microsoft has taken against Atsiv for making a product that bypasses the Windows Vista driver verification we have pulled this feature for a bullet-proof bypass from our product and will not be resuming this in the future.

      Thanks for understanding.

      Computer Guru
      NeoSmart Technologies

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