As you all may know, NeoSmart Technologies’ Computer Guru was head of the VistaBootPRO project, and now with the rest of the NeoSmart team is working on the EasyBCD project – both (the first is now deprecated) to manage the Windows Vista bootloader.

In writing these programs at the NeoSmart Research & Development center we’ve found the WMI ill-fit for interfacing with the Windows Vista BCD Store for anything other than grabbing information. The WMI is mainly an interface for getting information and not originally made for writing to the sources, making it too difficult for most BCD-related uses. In developing EasyBCD, our team started off by creating a programmatic framework for BCD interface that plugs directly into bcdedit.exe and does all the work from there.

This is just a ‘feeler’ announcement, to find out if any of Windows Vista programmers or general software developers would be interested in such a DLL (written in fully managed .NET code) that would have functions to add, remove, delete, and modify various bootloader options (i.e. do most things the EasyBCD project focuses on)?

At the moment this is just an idea, but we actually have something really close to this implemented as internal functions in the latest version of EasyBCD, and were wondering if any developers out there would be interested in this no-nonsense approach…

NST is of course a non-profit organization and we would provide such a DLL for free for all uses, and maybe even open source: it all depends on what kind of response we get and what would go into such a framework.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment below for future contact – in a while we might be looking for testers if everything works out OK, so it would be great to know where everyone stands on something like this.

4 thoughts on “EasyBCD DLL & API

  1. sounds nice, but I was hoping to find something that did not rely on .net as I will be running my code from winPe.

  2. Hi,

    Good idea, but I am in the same situation than Kc57, WinPe does not support .NET and I’am working on it.

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