EasyBCD 1.52 Up for Download

EasyBCD 1.52 has just been made available on the public servers for download. This is the primary reason for the relative lack of post activity here on The NeoSmart Files, we’ve been really busy with this build.

  • TweakVI Integration
  • Emergency bug fix for Vista/LH non-C: Entries
  • Nifty new section – “Useful Utilities”

Anyway, check it out for yourself, the only way to actually understand what “Useful Utilities” does is to see it at work firsthand. As always, should you feel compelled to say thank you: EasyBCD is a 100% free non-profit product and donations are accepted.

Download EasyBCD

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  • 5 thoughts on “EasyBCD 1.52 Up for Download

    1. Hi Alexi & everyone else sending us emails:

      We’re aware of an issue with TweakVI’s setup process on many systems, we’re working on a patch and will re-upload within 12 hours. Hang in there! 

    2. I realize that EasyBCD is freeware and that NeoSmart Technologies is a non-profit company that doesn’t get any money out of this or anything else – I really do.

      But at the same time, a product as important and integral to Windows Vista users as this, to the extent that it should have been packaged along with Vista, needs documentation to make it complete. EasyBCD is an awesome and powerful program, but that’s really all the more reason to ship it with decent documentation.. I hope you guys get it done soon, and thanks for everything.

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