It seems that I may have coined a new word :)!
I’m surprised its not already mainstream, I mean, come on, it fits the mold. Shareware, Spyware, Freeware, Adware….. I could write a mathematical formula for those names! Anyway, since it makes sense (for those of you who still did not get it: -ware is used to describe any SOFTware, and since for you give $$$ for those, they are hereby called payware.. DUH). It seems to now be quite a popular word! Another NeoSmart touchdown! :)

This is supposed to be a short post, kinda to give you guys a break from the heavier content of the previous posts, but, you know us, we can never be nice ;)
Come back in a couple of hours, we still have (give me a minute to count here…) 7 or 8 controversial topics to discuss here…

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