Sony DRM: A WMD in the Wrong Hands

It’s only been mere seconds since my last post, but this was too good to give up: A new trojan is out and it takes advantage of Sony’s malicious rootkit to hide its files via the prefix ‘$sys$’.

I think this is the ultimate proof that Sony has gone too far. ‘They were trying to protect their interests.’ Sure they were (I’m being sarcastic, in case you couldn’t tell) but there are limits. Various conventions throughout history have outlawed the use of WMDs. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Why? I mean, there has to be a reason that the US doesn’t nuke the terrorists, or vice versa; and there is. SALT I & II resulted in strategic WMD reductions for the US and USSR. Sony’s rootkits are practically in violation of the Geneva Convention as well…

I think the UN should step in… Now Japan has WMDs too.. Interesting.. WMDs make things too easy, drive the casualties too high, and overall are a just one big disaster. It takes little to no effort to achieve widespread chaos and destruction, and there is almost no preventive measure. Well, its official. Sony’s rootkit is a WMD. Since its release, it has been used by BMG-Sony for their shady protection schemes, WoW hackers, rumors abound that CS hackers use it as well, and now Virii and Trojan writers.

It is undetectable by any traditional spyware and Antivirus software, making it near impossible to clear your PC out. Rootkits are like cheats in AOE. They make an epic battle between good and evil all the more bloody and cheap. Spawning Cobras that can wreak havoc on Town Centers in minutes is not fun, its cheap, its evil, and its most certainly below the belt.

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