PIRT is Wonderful!

Following our post about listing our fears and concerns about the global phishing watchdog PIRT, this may seem a bit of a big change in opinion. However, we never "had it in" for PIRT or were "jealous" as posts around the web are claiming, and is absolute nonsense; we are only doing our duty and warning our readers where we find it necessary. It’s not often that we get the wonderful opportunity to make a post like this, so listen up.

After our first post, CastleCops rep Ike was kind enough to give us the blow-by-blow of how PIRT works, you can see the first bit of our conversation here, which we then continued via email.

We are very proud to let our readers know that PIRT has now convinced us 100%, and we give them the NeoSmart Seal of Approval, for what it’s worth. We wish them the best of luck… and don’t be surprised if you hear we are working together on something… but that’s all I’m authorized to say for now! For now though, rest assured, and fill out & submit as many fraud reports as you can over on their site!

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