“The Digg Effect”

You all know the “Axe Effect,” right? I think someone needs to make a commercial out of the “Digg Effect.”
My god!!! Servers are taking a severe hit right now, they go offline for 5 minutes at a time as the backend goes down.

As soon as the load starts to settle for the hour (before my next article goes up :P) I’m going to optimize the MySQL Database, run a couple of queries to clean it up and stuff.. I’m backing it up nightly as well, don’t know when this host will give!
Anyway, yeah, if traffic keeps like this, I know a good host. If you have any suggestions, I could do with all the help I can get!

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  • 5 thoughts on ““The Digg Effect”

    1. As a matter of fact my current ost gives me 160 GB transfer for only 10 a month.. It turns out that the performance hit was (and this is very hard to believe) nothing to do with me being slashdotted and dugg and engadgeted!
      But anyway I have another host lined up.. 10 bucks a month buys me unlimited shared bandwidth on the fastest server in America (ping) according to CNet!

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