The NeoSmart Contributor's Hall of Fame

NeoSmart Technologies is a non-profit organization and takes serious time, money, and effort to run. Don’t worry, this isn’t another “donate now or NeoSmart dies” kind of thing, and no, we’re not facing a crisis, but we just wanted to let you know that as of today you’re contributions won’t be going unnoticed.

Take a look at our miniature navbar up at the top; see that new link? From now on, for any contribution over 5 USD, donators will get their name and an optional link to their site put on the Contributors List. To get started, find your preferred method of donation, send NeoSmart Technologies a non-profit donation of any amount, and (if it is over 5 USD and you would like to be added to the Contributors Hall of Fame) send us an email at with your name, URI, the email address you used to donate, and the amount of the donation; and you’ll be on that list in no time.

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