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A while back we let everyone know we needed some sort of cash flow to keep things going (after our account was suspended for high traffic on a shared server), and then we faced issues with PayPal and their stupid laws on international monetary exchange. However, we are happy to say that we have taken a first positive step in both directions, we are working on getting a PayPal account set up and working with international money transfers, and we have also added two ads to the blog.

As our main site was being redesigned, we left room for ads in natural places, and we have also added two ad providers here on Ramblings of a Computer Guru. At the moment, one is ‘leased ad-space’ where clients buy link space on a monthly basis, and the other is the pay-per-click ad strip in the sidebar.

We’d like to remind you that NeoSmart Technologies is a non-profit organization that has since its inception in late 2004 provided it’s services to the public free-of-charge and at a cost to itself, and that we are in need of your help and cooperation in order to keep a great thing going. We have made arrangements with Microsoft to join their ad publisher network as soon as it opens, but until then, please click what ads are here now and show your support for the site!

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