Wanted: Documentation Experts

NeoSmart Technologies is pleased to announce its first opening in a long time: we’re looking for a documentation expert to help us finalize our documentation for a number of programs, chief of which is EasyBCD.

We already have a “template” for documentation pages, the documentation system, and all information needed available, we just need someone with some time to devote to NeoSmart Technologies and our 100% free & non-profit projects to help fill in the content and look over the info to see if anything is missing.

Ideally, we’d like someone with previous experience writing either documentation, articles, guides, FAQs, or walkthroughs for the job, but even if you don’t have that extensive experience, let us know if you’re interested and we’ll see what can be done.

If you want to help one of the most up-and-coming freeware on the scene develop and grow (more than a hundred thousand downloads in 3 weeks!), please post away below or drop us an email at EasyBCD@NeoSmart.net if you’d like – we’re waiting!

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  • 2 thoughts on “Wanted: Documentation Experts

    1. I’d love to volunteer and help NST out, but I’d be lying to myself and everyone here if I said I had the time to devote.. I hope someone offers though, it’s a great opporutunity!

      (omg, I feel so embarrassed posting to say I won’t help…. so sorry guys!) 

    2. I would be honored to help you guys out with this project, I have read the requested requirements and I am well qualified to help you. I am Certified in Computerized Business, and as a Windows Trainer from BrainBench Certification, I am also a Computer Technician of 15+ Years. If you could use my assistance please contact me and we can discuss it further in detail.

      Thank You,

      Devildog (nickname and Web Name from the Time spent with the U.S. Marine Corps..)

      Mickey W. Barker Sr.

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