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NeoSmart Technologies is hiring once again! This time, we’re looking for bloggers/posters – nothing mind boggling nor anything too difficult: we have another (non-profit) project for the community we’d like to get kicked off, and with our current resources and staff tied-up beyond belief with their current workload (working hard to get you the software, support, and research at the quality levels you’ve come to expect from us!), we’re happy to announce our first open blogging position in years!

We’re not really able to say too much right now, but here’s the (partial) low-down:

  • NST is launching a new service for our readers, this one focused on end-user software – and software alone.
  • This position doesn’t (need to) involve any heavy-lifting, lengthy posts, or extreme research. All the needed information will be made available, we’re just looking for a friendly and charismatic face (voice?) to present the “data/results” (that’s where we can’t divulge too much info at the present) to our beloved readers!
  • Most posts will be short and to the point (around 3 paragraphs or so).

Best of all, unlike some of our other vacancies in the past, we’re not requiring that applicants necessarily have previous experience or have 10-15 years of experience with WordPress and/or other blogging platforms. [!]

If you feel you’re up to it and are willing to give this shot, interested in blogging for the coolest non-profit R&D organization around, want to connect to our readers, add some experience to your blogging resume, or learn some real stuff about software, this is your chance.

Interested applicants should send an email to Blogging@NeoSmart.net; and feel free to comment below with regards to clarification, questions, advice, suggestions, or anything else that comes to mind!!

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