TweakUI for Vista (x64 too!)

NeoSmart Technologies has withdrawn this particular guide because it has proved to only work on pre-release editions of Windows Vista, and versions of Vista that were upgraded to RTM from beta Vista builds.

The original workaround involves install the x86 or x64 versions of TweakUI and running both the setup and the executable in XP SP2 Compatibility Mode with UAC disabled. Unfortunately this has been found to not work on current builds of Windows Vista.

NeoSmart Technologies apologies for this erroneous guide. We are currently working on a fix for this matter. NeoSmart Technologies does not engage in paid advertisement reviews, posts, guides, or anything of that nature. We made a simple, honest mistake, and we’re sorry. Hopefully we’ll have another workaround soon – that really works.

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  • 20 thoughts on “TweakUI for Vista (x64 too!)

    1. Decent information.  However the XP version can’t handle all the changes in Vista.  This is good for some tweaks, but not all.  I honestly feel that this is an extremely misleading title.  Oh well.


      I will comment though on the TweakVI garbage!  For one, they have an extremely close name to TweakUI.  Nice attempt at fooling some people.  Second, their tweaks aren’t that great.  I don’t have the $50 to waste in order to find out if this tool is actually worth anything.  With their attempt to mislead people with their TweakVI name, I have little faith that spending $50 will actually do anything!!  It’s probably all a scheme to make money.  I’ll patiently wait a few months for someone to offer a freeware tool that does what this tool is supposed to do.  Then after it works I’ll send the author $20-$40 for their hardwork at creating a useful tool instead of marketing and trying to fool me into purchasing GARBAGE!!! 

    2. Lol……Tweak UI does NOT…I repeat DOES NOT, ABSOLUTLY DOES NOT work in vista……..this person is a noob.

    3. Billy, stop talking nonsense or shutup and die!

      You are the noob: Computer Guru wrote EasyBCD – which is a better program than all of Windows Vista itself! Put your money where your mouth and experience is – these steps worked just fine for me!

    4. Tried the x64 version of TweakUI on vista x64 and it DOES NOT work at all. Wont even open.

    5. I haven’t personally tested the x64 version of TweakUI on Vista x64, but I do know that this method works for the x86 version of both.

      That said, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work for x64 – it’s the same code (almost).

      Make sure you run both the setup and the exe in XP Compatibility Mode.

    6. I did run it in XP compatibility mode and all it does is give me an error saying that it requires windows XP or server 2003 to run.

    7. This is just a shameless plug! TweakUI does NOT work properly in Vista 32 Ultimate. I have tried on 6 machines! NeoSkirt works with TotalIdiot Software and they are spamming TweakVI for them. Very sad indeed.

    8. There is nothing “sneaky” going on here, that’s not the way we work.

      Like I mentioned above, it’s working on one of my PCs and not on another. Tonight I am going to format this machine that currently works, and I’ll try to reinstall TweakUI in XP Compatibility mode. Should it fail, I’ll take this post down.

      NeoSmart Technologies isn’t trying to cheat anyone out of a solution nor are we attempting to generate download counts for any application here – this was a solution that worked right here on this machine; which has been upgraded to Vista RTM from the beta builds.

      Check back tomorrow. We’ll find out soon πŸ™‚

    9. Definitely a ‘PAID’ advert for tweakVI!   The XP version doesnt even INSTALL in VISTA!

    10. NeoSmart Technologies doesn’t engage in paid advertisement posts, articles, reviews, guides, or anything of that sort. We’re huge opponents of PayPerPost and its ilk.

      That said, we made a mistake and the guide that was published above didn’t work on RTM copies of Windows Vista. We’re sorry – very much so.

      We’re currently working on a (free) app that will allow you to run TweakUI for real this time πŸ™‚

      Stay tune – and again, our apologies!

    11. I had some real problems with TweakVI – it completely messed up my machine – weird icons, strange behaviour etc. if you have been unfortunate enough to install it please read this article I wrote if you are having trouble.

    12. OK, I, for one, understand that you made a simple enough mistake – and all the haters above need to learn to relax and take a chill pill. It is a wonder how so many people chime in to say something doesn’t work on their computer, but never take the time to realize that, unless they are running a comletely new install of the OS, with *absolutely no alterations from default*, then they still have at least 5 different versions that could be running, and that, in and of itself, will make for some differences across the board. Add to that the fact that most people rarely have systems that are identical in terms of hardware *and* software, and it should be obvious that what works for you might not (ever) work for me.

      That being said, thanks for at least attempting to get it to work in Vista. I prefer not ot have to pay for TweakVI, but am haunted by what I may be missing out – I wish that, at least, TotalIdea would put “descriptions” of what the ‘missing’ plugins do.

      I used to be a *big* fan of X-Teq’s X-Setup, right until they decided to go shareware – I can understand the need to possibly make a *little* money off the venture, but to go completely commercial was a bad move in my eyes, especially as a lot of plugins were not ‘developed’ by X-Teq, but were simply conglomerations of items already prevalent in the Net, and more plugins were develped directly by 3rd parties. I say that it would take little time of *one* person to conglomerate all the ideas and tweaks and publish them in an easy to use format, but the bandwidth involved in watching millions (or more) of people actually download / read such a document is probably out of most people’s budget.

      The Geek has a *lot* of tweaks, and although some of his categories contain duplicate tweaks, I have learned a *lot* from visitng every page, even if I never plan on using the tweak.

      So, back to TweakUI – you mentioned something about developing an app to make it work or at least partially – any progress on said app?

    13. If you do run TweakUI for XP in Vista in compatibility mode it does work and the only thing I have found it good for is disabling Smooth scrolling. I use WVHPSP1 and even though I disable Smooth Scrolling in Advanced Settings, it does not actually disable it. So after using TweakUI in this way, it works. Just as easily you can renable it the same way in reverse. However, none of the other features it has to offere do anything. But at least this one item can be handled.

    14. Not working on Vista … end of discussion.And never will.Until Microsoft work out the tool that will fit.

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