Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Released!

Microsoft has just released Windows Server 2003 SP2, currently available for all architectures (x86, x64, & Itanium) in English and German.

Before installing Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, you must first ensure that you uninstall Internet Explorer 7 before installing the update, or else Internet Explorer will fail to work, since SP2 will reinstall IE6 for you.

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Integrating the Service Pack

You can slipstream SP2 into your Windows Server 2003 CD by copying the contents of your CD to a folder on your hard-drive, and issuing the following command:

WindowsServer2003-KB914961-SP2-x86-ENU.exe /integrate:C:\W2k3\

In the example above, this is the x86 installer being used and the Windows Server 2003 CD has been copied to C:\W2k3\

After the process completes, download Microsoft Corporation.img and use it as the bootsector for your CD.

If you’re using Nero, it’ll look something like this:

  1. Choose CD-ROM (Boot) from the New Compilation’s Boot page.
  2. Under Source of boot image data choose “Image file” and Browse to the Microsoft Corporation.img.
  3. Select Enable expert settings (for advanced users only) and set the following: Kind of emulation – No Emulation

    Number of loaded sectors – 4

    Load segment of sectors – 07C0
  4. Click NEW.
  5. File Browser area, navigate to c:\xp. Select all of the files inside of that directory and copy them over to the left side for burning.
  6. Click BURN and you’re done once the CD is complete.
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  • 14 thoughts on “Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Released!

    1. Followed the instructions, and it all slipstreamed beautifully. Tried to install new source on virtual pc 2007 virtual machine, and got error:

      “The file amdide.sys could not be found”

      Install halted. Any ideas? 

    2. Just today I found out about windows server 2003 SP2 release. and since I have a W2K3 R2 CD x86, I downloaded SP2 full installation, extracted it and integrated into CD contents. Everything went smoothly, will burn the new R2 SP2 CD and see how it installs on my Seagate SCSI 15k HDD πŸ™‚

    3. Hi Albert Hall,

      Same problem i also faced when i integrate sp2 pack with windows server 2003 os.

      to solve this problem, frist i integrate sp1 pack with windows server 2003 os & then

      integarte sp2 pack. after successfully integratation, i install it on my PC, it siccessfully

      install. plz try this technique.

    4. There’s an easier way to build the Windows Server 2003 CD as a bootable image. If you do get your hands on oscdimg.exe and the corresponding, you can use this command to create a bootable CD:


      oscdimg.exe is available with WinPE2005 or WAIK (Altough I haven’t tried creating a bootable CD using WAIK’s version of oscdimg.exe yet…)

      No need to mess around with Nero or some CD authoring program when we have oscdimg.exe readily available from Microsoft’s website.

    5. i have a really annoying problem i downloaded the service pack and attempted to integrate it, but the f#$%*!^ package ignores the switch and creates a randomly named folder in “C:”.

      Anybody know what the problem is?

    6. i have come to realise that there is no problem in my frustration i kept stopping the extraction and i tried one last time and left it while i went to the toilet when i got back it had begun to integrate.

      So err.. sorry if i offended anyone in anyway πŸ™‚

    7. This was an article edited to reflect Windows 2003 instead of Xindows XP. Change the path to “c:\w2k3\” and all with work well.

    8. Hi,
      We want to integrate SP2 in 2k3 but,standered & enterprise edition both are in cd is it possible.

    9. Stop Israel’s massacre of innocent women and children in Gaza!

      aside from the great content, this was awesome to read on your page.

    10. Golden. Fixed my problem of trying to install Server 2K3 onto Core i5 based Intel Desktop hardware.

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