Windows Live WiFi Center Almost Ready!

NeoSmart Exclusive: The Microsoft Windows Live WiFi Center is near final release & distribution!

The Windows WiFi Center is a really nifty utility used to display, search for, and connect to wireless networks in your area. It hooks up to Microsoft’s online indexes of hotspots in the USA, and tells you the closest place you can connect to a WiFi network (even tells you if it’s free or not!).

The WiFi Center is an excellent utility for just about anybody not too keen on doing it all themselves. It’s a huge improvement over the Windows XP (SP2 even) WiFi “center” control panel, and is many times easier to use for even the newest of beginners.

NeoSmart Technologies has had the Live WiFi Center up in our image gallery for months now, but we never got the chance to post any links before. At any rate, Windows Live WiFi is out of beta and almost ready to rumble.

We do have one tiny concern however: would it be too much to ask that the Live WiFi Center contain support for WPA2-encrypted networks? Now that would be something to look forward too!

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    1. hi widowe i need help wi fi is not working can you tall me some wesite from ilya

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