Connecting to WPA2-Secured Wi-Fi with Windows XP x64

A while back, we reported on how if you’re a Windows XP x64 user, Microsoft didn’t think you needed the additional Wi-Fi security offered by the WPA2 encryption protocol – which just happens to be one of the only two non-trivial Wi-Fi protection scheme available at the same time. Well, chin-up, because if you’re a Windows XP 64-bit Edition user, you can now up that security level on your router and enjoy WPA2-encrypted networking bliss.

That’s right, 64-bit users can now use WPA2 just like the rest of the world has been doing (including Linux x64 users, OS X users, Windows XP 32-bit, and just about every other operating system on the planet). It seems that Windows XP x64 SP2 includes the hotfix, which Microsoft still refuses to release separately, though the 32-bit version was released as a hotfix two years before XP x64 SP2 was made available.

Anyway, all you need to do to be able to connect to WPA2-encrypted networks is download and install Service Pack 2, then connect using your Wi-Fi connection tool of choice, including the Windows Zero-Configuration Wi-Fi module.

You can read the official release notes for Service Pack 2 – just skip down to the “Wireless Protected Access 2” section and read. Congratulations Windows x64 users, and welcome to the world of the secure. Say thank you to Microsoft for giving you their blessing to enter, but be careful, the party is almost over. So much for a 64-bit future – and Microsoft wants to make Vista the last 32-bit operating system. Scary.

Hat-Tip: Dan

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