Introducing NeoSmart Coverage of Windows 7

Press Notice: NeoSmart Technologies will by providing blow-by-blow reports regarding the next version of Windows, as the facts come in.

As always, NeoSmart Technologies remains committed to providing accurate and verifiable information from trustworthy sources. We’re also dedicated to providing reports/articles regarding content that our readers deem important and newsworthy; so you’ll always be able to find the latest accurate information regarding the Microsoft’s next OS at The NeoSmart Files.

2 thoughts on “Introducing NeoSmart Coverage of Windows 7

  1. Here’s to hoping that there are actually tid-bits of information regarding Windows 7 or some leaks like we had back in the Longhorn era, because if this is anything like when Sinofsky ran the Office ship, we’ll see three simple betas and all feedback will be ignored.


  2. Yet, it could be easily argued that the quality of the final, finished Office 2007 suite is better than that of Vista RTM by leaps and bounds. Makes you wonder if, just maybe, Steve Sinofsky was on to something after all…

    Too many chefs ruins the stew.

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