Windows 7 FactsCentral

As a first-step in our coverage of Windows 7, we’ve created the Windows 7 FactsCentral site, accessible either via our wiki or through the following direct link:

The Windows 7 FactsCentral site is intended to be a one-stop information center, where info about available builds, verified facts regarding Windows 7, etc. are available in encyclopedia format (verses the chronological article-nature of posts here on The NeoSmart Files).

Over time we hope to expand the Windows 7 FactsCentral site to include end-user information regarding the upcoming version of Windows, including details about the OS architecture, hardware requirements, and detailed descriptions of new features available in Windows 7.

NeoSmart Technologies is looking for avid readers/contributors who’d like to try their hand at editing the wiki and keeping it up to date with the latest info – our current team is currently very thinly spread, and we look forward to adding new members to the team. If you’re interested in joining the NeoSmart Team, please send an email to and/or leave a comment below.

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