Is digitalfive Closing up Shop for Good?

Take a look at digitalfive’s homepage… it doesn’t look out of the ordinary, but underneath the surface something is definitely rumbling – loud too.

For the past couple of days under cover of IRC chatrooms and furtive Instant Messaging conversations, people have been talking. NeoSmart Technologies never publishes rumors as a rule of thumb, but this time it’s digitalfive, our lifetime affiliate and long-time friend in the front ranks of technology reviews and analysis – so we make an exception.

The rumor is that many of the big names in technology have in the past week or so taken a keen interest in digitalfive, and we hear that several of these well-established sites have recently sought to offer digitalfive’s founder and owner Kristan M. Kenney a position in their ranks, but it seems no one really knows.

NeoSmart Technologies can exclusively reveal that something is going on – but what, we’re not sure. Kristan mentioned “big changes” at digitalfive in a conversation with NeoSmart Technologies last week, but has since then not been available for comment. If we can count on patterns seen in previous up-and-coming members of the blogosphere and technical reviewers, digitalfive is most likely going to wind up relocated and under new management or else is going to sell ownership rights to another company and retain its URI and continue posting as if nothing happened.

Kristan M. Kenney founded digitalfive in November of 2005 and has since then moved up in the ranks of international technogeeks and bloggers at a steady and fast pace. Kristan is a Windows Live Messenger Product Specialist and freelance graphics designer and a notable beta tester with Microsoft Corporation.

At the time of the publishing of this article, neither Kristan Kenney nor any other executive members at digitalfive were available for comment; NeoSmart Technologies has sent email inquiries their way, and we hope to find out one way or another what will come of digitalfive, its members, and faithful readers.

Kristan Kenney seems to have found a new home at Longhorn Blogs. We wish him the best of luck in his new position, and we’re sure he’s a great addition to the team, as Robert and Brandon are obviously both aware. NeoSmart Technologies did offer Kristan a position at our table, but Longhorn Blogs beat us to the punch. However, Mr. Kenney may join NST on a freelance/frequent-guest basis, but that won’t be for a while. For now and forever, we wish him the best of luck.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Is digitalfive Closing up Shop for Good?

    1. Hello Jason,

      I’m afraid given our close relationship with digitalfive and the fact that our executive members haven’t exactly authorized a press release I’m going to have to pass that question up, so:
      No Comment.

      Sorry Jason, but check back later for more news.

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