NeoSmart Technologies v2 Unveiled!

The new design for NeoSmart Technologies that has been under wraps for the past month or so has finally been unveiled, to coincide with the launch of WinHEC 2006.

The new design is content-centric, making it easy to reach all the resources on, without any of the hassle.

At the moment, Phase 1 of NSTv2 is complete, which is basically the ‘shell’ for the site. From here we can only go higher up, and our dev team is working on the code-behind that will actually populate those pages with the data we have via a MySQL Link.

For now, please let us know what you think, and if you find any bug reports or glitches, please let us know!

New Homepage: NeoSmart Technologies (NSTv2)
Leave Feedback: Feedback Channel
Submit Bugs: NeoSmart BugCentral

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