EasyBCD 2.0.2 Released

It may have taken us over 2 years to go from 1.7.2 to 2.0, but now that we’re there we have no intention of letting EasyBCD languish. Those of you unfortunate enough to run into a fatal error in EasyBCD may have noticed the presence of a custom error reporting dialog that we now use to keep track of crashes and errors as they occur. As a result of error collection over the past 2 weeks, we’ve released a point update to EasyBCD.

The changes in EasyBCD 2.0.2 correlate to 21 issues in the bug tracker, and can be seen after the jump.

Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 (1343 KiB)

Alas, with this update the EasyBCD setup is no longer 1337 KiB. But that’s OK, we figured you guys would rather the new features and bug fixes over a really, really cool download size. And here are the changes. (Important changes or high-frequency bugs are in red, and the complete changelog to date can be viewed here)

  • [EBCD-385] – EasyBCD will crash if an operation that it expected to take a long time finishes instantly
  • [EBCD-386] – EasyBCD crashes if you attempt to save entry settings with no entry selected
  • [EBCD-387] – Cannot add multiple WIM entries
  • [EBCD-388] – EasyBCD crashes if Segoe UI is corrupt
  • [EBCD-389] – EasyBCD options dialog crash on international computers that don’t support mm\dd\yyyy format
  • [EBCD-390] – EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a WinPE image is specified
  • [EBCD-391] – EasyBCD doesn’t show actual DEP, SafeMode, Pae in Advanced Settings
  • [EBCD-392] – EasyBCD crashes if an invalid path to a VHD image is specified
  • [EBCD-393] – Improved boot.ini partition detection
  • [EBCD-394] – EasyBCD crashes if corrupt WinPE entry with no ramdisk is present
  • [EBCD-395] – Use BootGrabber to set active partition instead of relying on diskpart
  • [EBCD-396] – BootGrabber /setactive switch
  • [EBCD-397] – Try to get partition information from bootsector, not just partition ID
  • [EBCD-398] – EasyBCD crashes if adding a WinPE or VHD entry fails in the AddWindowsVista stage
  • [EBCD-399] – Crash removing NeoGrub immediately after adding it
  • [EBCD-400] – Select correct disk for boot-partition related operations when editing external BCD
  • [EBCD-401] – Update GRLDR to 0.4.5b-2010-07-25
  • [EBCD-402] – Crash if bcdedit output contains null character
  • [EBCD-403] – Handle IO Exceptions in creation of NTLDR/EasyLDR
  • [EBCD-404] – EasyBCD crashes if bcd timeout is greater than 10000
  • [EBCD-405] – Ignore exceptions when deleting stub loaders

Special thanks goes to joevt for his help and patience in fixing EBCD-393.

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  • 18 thoughts on “EasyBCD 2.0.2 Released

    1. wasn’t looking for a grub replacement, but found this after troubleshoot googling and man this rocks!! Genius! kudos to whoever might be behind it and you better be a girlie cos i wanna give a big………

    2. It ticks me off when I’m tired and I cant even find the link to upgrade. You’ve got a link to some computer testing software and it likely traps you into a corner and thats not the type of company I wish to do business with.

      Make it obvious if we want to look at your other software we will otherwise we want . Ive clicked 3 pages none with the download for the new vers of EZBCD.

    3. thanks for the upgrade & all the fine effort, Mahmoud. For a new user, the current documentation is too far out of date (ie doc discusses options which either don’t exist in v2.0.2, or which have been renamed etc.) Any chance of an update now it’s 2010?Cheers, Kirk

    4. ahh, very good. Lots of work that never stops no doubt. The price of popularity!Kirk out.

    5. Hi,
      Found instructions online that suggested a repair for a Win7 system suddenly not seeing all it’s CPU cores.

      That advise included use of EasyBCD 1.7.2 and going into Advanced Options, selecting “Limit Widows to ‘0’ CPUs (Leave 0 to reset)”, Clicking “Apply Settings” and exiting. Then doing a cold boot.

      All I could find on Cnet was your latest V2.02 and installed & ran it but could not find a related parameter.
      Any advise would be much appreciated. Have got a dual quad Xeon workstation set up to dual boot XP 32b and Win 7 Ultimate 64b. Both OSes saw & made use of all 8 cores fine but somehow with the usual patches and getting setup the W7 lost that ability and only sees 4 cores now (yes, Device manager still acknowleges all 8 cores in spite of the OS’s configuration otherwise. Anyway the above advise of using your boot loader utility was part of the sggested solution.

      Again any advise on the CPU core limit parmeters or related would eb much appreciated.

    6. You saved my life.. I wasted several days trying to get other boot managers(gag, grub etc) working on my laptop to boot win7 and ubuntu in dual boot mode. And then, I came across EasyBCD and got it working in 10 minutues. thank you, thank you.. its a shame easybcd is not showing up at the top of search results in google, yet!!!

    7. Please ,let me know :

      Is your EasyBCD 2.0.2 suitable both W7 32bit and W7 64bit

      Thaks and regards


    8. I wondered how you get the boot from ISO option to work. I checked the forums and the only conclusion I can draw is that the feature does not work. Why include it if it doesn’t work? I couldn’t get it to work and the online documentation didn’t seem to discuss it. If this is a ‘to be implemented feature’ when will this occur? Many thanks by the way, a really useful tool otherwise!

    9. I sussed it in the end. It is important that your ISO is a contiguous file and so will need defragmenting first. I used a free tool called WContig for windows to do this. It then boots perfectly! I found this out after doing a bit of searching on the error message given by grub4dos. Hope this might be of help to someone else.

    10. I already used EASYBCD three years ago but it seems someone forgot to give THANKS (me),
      maybe because I also forgot how important it was when you have two OSs in one computer
      or hard disk. This time, after having trouble again booting from one OSs to another,
      I remembered EASYBCD. Now, it’s just a few clicks EASYBCD booting. Again, thanks EASYBCD is still around, making life EASIERBCD. I take my hat off to you all guys there, may GOD bless you.

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