Hotlinking of Vista Recovery Disc Disabled

The Windows Vista Recovery Disc ISO image that we published a couple of days ago has been a hugely-popular success – thank you all for your interest and your links. Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of people (*cough* Chinese download sites *cough*) hotlinking the image directly, and as a result we’ve been forced to take certain measures.

The Windows Vista Recovery Disc is a 120 MiB download, and our bandwidth has jumped quite drastically since making it publicly available. Effective immediately, all hotlinked requests to the ISO image are being redirected to the download page, we ask you (quite humbly) to refrain from linking directly to the image file.

We haven’t done anything evil like disabling the usage of download managers or any other such nefarious actions that would bring the wrath of our beloved readers upon us though; so no worries :)

We’ve also set up a bittorrent tracker for NeoSmart Technologies’ larger downloads – you can find a link for the bittorrent version of the Windows Vista Recovery Disc below. It’s currently being seeded by a 100mb server, so it’s probably the best option at the moment. (We recommend µTorrent for all your bittorrent-related needs!)

Feel free to hotlink the bittorrent link to your heart’s content!

Download Windows Vista Recovery Disc Torrent

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  • 17 thoughts on “Hotlinking of Vista Recovery Disc Disabled

    1. thanks for this…

      i’m trying to recover my dell laptop but the recovery disc is asking for my vista product key. since i didn’t get an original i don’t seem to have a key. can i just click through this and continue the recovery?


    2. i have a lenovo desktop and i cant find a product key on it and i cant access my system info to get it. am i just not looking hard enough??? what should i do????

    3. hi. do you just burn the files to a disk and then boot your pc off of the disk? and is the contents of the download meant to be 2 folders and a file? thank you for the torrent anyway, im sure i will save a fortune in technical assistance.


    4. Could someone tell me HOW to burn the iso file onto a disk? Actually…how to turn the torrent into an iso file? I’m stuck at the first step here. Any help is appreciated

    5. Thnx Mahmoud, that was SO helpful. I did it in like, half an hour and my computer’s fixed!

    6. i having problems. once downloaded and burned i get to folders (boot and sources and this image bootmgr but i am unable to open this…

      please help me

    7. Hi, is there anyway that I can download the file not as a torrent file. Our proxy blocks torrents.

    8. Any chance that you’ve asked Microsoft for permission to host these files? I’m assuming you’ve made a direct ISO from a Vista disk to make these available. Are you aware of the copyright infringement involved in you hosting these files on your site instead of directly linking back to the MS content?

      Pre-built systems SHOULD (yes i know sometimes manufacturers don’t follow the rules of should…but ALL builders will ship a recovery disk, some for a nominal fee and some for free in the event of loss or damage) come with the recovery center already enabled or come with recovery disks, and anyone building their own system SHOULD have their own Vista disk. The majority of systems that reside outside of these two conditions are running on pirated OS’s anyway (if you bought the software retail, why don’t you still have the disk?) so are you posting this content for those that aren’t running a legal OS?

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