Mac OS X 10.5.2 Released, Biggest Update in Apple History

Following right on the heels of Windows Vista SP1 RTM, Apple has seemingly one-upped Microsoft by releasing OS X 10.5.2 – the biggest update to OS X ever – effective immediately and available to all.

The release documentation for the OS X 10.5.2 build can be found at the Apple site, and it contains all the gory details about this whopping update. It’s 343 MiB (for comparison, Vista SP1 x86/x64 RTM are 434/726 MiB, but they contain plenty more changes) and contains a number of important fixes.

At the moment, you can download the update via OS X’s “Software Update” feature or directly from Apple’s OS X downloads site here. Updates are also available for OS X Server, the direct download link can be found here (382 MiB).

10.5.2 ships with several important security updates that were not previously disclosed/patched as well – if you don’t intend on updating to 10.5.2 anytime soon, you should definitely grab the standalone security update found here.

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  • 3 thoughts on “Mac OS X 10.5.2 Released, Biggest Update in Apple History

    1. I must say this. If it was microsoft that did not let people know about security problems they would be eaten alive.
      Apple completly ignors customers and does not inform any one about security issues. They just wait and slowly update their system hoping all will be well.

      Preffer MS

    2. Ah, Apple, the one attacking Microsoft, when they have to cover up security holes and quietly fix them, at least everyone knows Microsoft has security issues which they openly admit and patch quickly.

    3. True on the MS deal. But 90%+ of all the computers in the world use your software, its pretty hard to not notice it. I think its more of a situation where they’re trying to save face rather than trying to cover it up as far as Microsoft goes.

      Apple on the other hand has always tried to achieve perfection with thier OS and tend to fix problems before it becomes too much of an outrage. That’s why the Apple fans, tend to “ignore” the problems with MacOS. They have faith that it will be addressed and fixed ASAP by Apple, and let it go. Now you start letting a bunch of malware start being written for MacOS and you’d better believe Apple would be in the same boat as Microsoft before long.

      I think what it boils down to is that a malware writer would rather target 90% of the market than 10% of the market(Yes I know the figures have fluctuated a bit lately in Apple’s favor, but for history’s sake….). That gives Apple a lot more time to find and fix their bugs than Microsoft. And that’s why there’s not such a big fuss about Mac security holes.

      All this and history shows that the first virus ever written, was written on a Mac. LOL

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