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  • 21 thoughts on “The Firefox… Panda?

    1. So, the logo has never featured a fox, but the logo is of a fox on fire. You are contradicting yourself.

    2. No Joe, the logo could be a fox on fire, but it isn’t. You can say it is, but from the very beginning, Mozilla intended it to be a Red Panda, but Jon Hicks made the Red Panda look like a fox.

    3. Have you ever seen a real fox? The logo looks a lot more like a Fox than the Red Panda, even if the literal translation of the chinese name is \”Fire Fox\”. In case no one noticed this on the logo, the face is mostly orange, not white; the leg is red/orange, not black/dark red; the tail is a solid color, not stripped. Although I have never seen a Red Panda personally, the logo looks a lot more like a red fox (which I have seen) than a panda, despite what the designer or anyone else may have intended it to look like.

    4. As the article mentions, the logo is drawn as a Red Panda in the the likeness of a fox.
      You do not see the front of the face, but if you look closely, the white is there. It can also be said that the orange and yellow bands on the tail in the image represend the strips of the Red Panda’s tail.. All this is kinda pointless though since it comes from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Ask the original Mozilla devs 🙂

    5. Hehehe, maybe not, however, what about food? The couch and it’s claws? Hair? I could go on for hours, but I don’t want to add another megabyte of comments to Neosmart’s MySQL database. 😛

    6. Look at the current Firefox logo carefully… The “flames” are actually a cleverly disguised red fox curled around the globe! Head and cocked ears on the left, bushy yellow tail on the right… Its just a matter of perspective. 😉

    7. It is not a red panda, it is a fox.

      I don’t believe in all of these lies and urban legends of calling Mozilla Firefox’s animal a red panda instead of a fox. To tell the truth, Mozilla Firefox’s true animal is the red fox on fire. Even the designer of the Firefox logo said that it was based on a fox: http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/branding-firefox

      Also, the Firefox OS design for Mozilla’s animal, which is obviously a fox and not a red panda.

      Not to mention Firefox mascots all over the world, such as Kit, G-Fox, and Foxkeh; they’re all foxes.

      The browser has nothing to do with red pandas with the exception of sponsoring zoo animals and raising awareness for them, but that doesn’t mean that Mozilla’s Firefox is not a fox, because it certainly is. Another name for another animal doesn’t mean that it’s the official animal for the one it was sponsored by. Mozilla may have said in their FAQ that ‘firefox’ is another word for the red panda, but that doesn’t mean that their Firefox is a red panda. The truth is told, the real Mozilla Firefox animal is the fox.

      Pretend and lie all you want with your urban legends, but you can never deny the truth.

    8. vox, you sound stupid. i read that article 2 times and he clearly says it is a cute red panda. so maybe you should pay attention to what your reading. (i know your post was along time ago)

    9. I told my classmates about this, fire fox is not a fox. But they just laugh at me and say I am being ridiculous, what should I do? Cause believe this is a red panda

    10. sorry, but as a chinese i have to point out that we don’y call red pandas fire fox, we call it a small panda 🙂

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