EasyBCD 1.6 Completed!

This just in from the up-all-night department: EasyBCD 1.6 has been completed!

EasyBCD is now 100% bug-free and all features have been wrapped-up and are more than ready to go. The 3 remaining bugs are in the installer, and that’s what the team is working on now. EasyBCD 1.6 is being shipped as we speak to the AAA review and distribution teams around the web – and EasyBCD 1.6 will be available to the general public sometime seen in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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  • 5 thoughts on “EasyBCD 1.6 Completed!

    1. Awesome news!

      Can someone (NST or otherewise) reply here when its actually available for download? I’ve subscribed to email notification of the comments, so I’d appreciate it!

    2. This is a great news 🙂

      A while ago (if i?m not wrong late last year) somebody reccomended that i should try EasyBCD after i (on an e-forum) complained about the EXTREME unreliablity of both Grub and Lilo corrupting the Windows Bootloader, thus making ALL side-by-side running operating systems running on our computers unbootable very frequently. But unfortunately i forgot about this reccomendation and i just remembered it now after Googling around for an alternative bootloader other than Grub or Lilo, as my linux bootloader betrayed me once again (don?t ask me which one, as both of them, grub and lilo, are equally bad).

      EasyBCD (although based on grub) really sounds very promising and it appears to be a true solution ? in fact a final relief ? for running Windows alongside Linux, without living in constant fear of waiting as to when?NOT IF?Grub or Lilo will corrupt your MBR, thus making your computer unbootable.

      Sincerely thank you for creating such a truly needed utility. You deserve our donations, in fact lots more. Also, i very much enjoyed reading your ReactOS introduction. Really hope that all those geeks/coders out there eventually start coding for ReactOS, instead of coding for Linux, which is now even worse than Windows, as it?s increasingly heavier, slower and drains the cpu & ram like a hog for nothing.

    3. Thanks for the kind words, kimlik66.
      If you ever need help getting EasyBCD to power your system just ask away in the forums, we’re at your service.

      What you say about GRUB and LILO is true, they use hacks to work around with Microsoft — though truth be told, the fault is split both ways. If Microsoft stuck to standards, dual-booting wouldn’t be the mess it is now.

    4. Thank you Guru 🙂
      I truly appreciate your offer of help. In my spare times i volunteer for my local community center here in Toronto, as a technician repairing and upgrading old computers for people who can’t afford to buy a new one. We mostly install Linux (PuppyLinux) on those machines. We used to install and have Windoaz running alongside Linux on such machines, however we had to stop this practice, as we very often were flooded with complains of corrupted MBR….., and unbootle disk volumes. But now that we have got EasyBCD, it should be safe for us to install Windoaz alongside Linux without worrying about the above-mentioned booting problems.

      I do agree with you and i heard several times before that it’s really Micro$oft , which (for the most part) needs to be blamed for dual-booting challenging mess. However, i’m not a coder, thus i really don’t know the dertails, thus can’t comment on it any further. On the other hand, whilst still on the subject, i would like to take this opportunty to blame Steve Jobs as well on this particular matter. As we all know, he created Bootcamp for dual booting his MacOS, alongside Windoaz. Yet, he still refuse to make MacOS available on any PC hardware, thus competing with Windoaz despite the fact that it now runs on Intel’s architacture.

      P.S. Wait to see and read my truly sincere comments praising EasyBCD on Distrowatch’s forum on Monday 🙂

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