Windows 7 Recovery Disk and Repair Disc Download

Download our recovery and repair disk for Microsoft Windows 7 (also available for Windows 8, Vista, XP or Server editions) that can be used to access system restore tools.

It comes with our Automated Repair feature, option to access System Restore, tools to backup and recover your most important files, a built-in antivirus scanner and a command-line for advanced recovery options.

Download recovery disk for Windows 7

Looking for recovery disks for other Windows versions?

Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 7

Our recovery disk supports x86 and x64 platforms and all Microsoft Windows 7 editions, including 32-bit and 64-bit editions: Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional, Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter.

Easy Recovery Essentials (or EasyRE), is a 55 to 135 MiB ISO image ready to be downloaded.

You can burn this ISO image to any CDs, DVDs or USB drives and boot from it to recover or repair your broken computer. We provided instructions on how to do this below, see Burn to CD, DVD or USB.

With the Easy Recovery Essentials you can (see list of features here):

  • Automatically find and fix errors using Automated Repair
  • Recover your PC from infections using its built-in antivirus
  • Restore your PC to a working state
  • Access and backup your most important data (like documents, pictures, music, videos and so on)

Easy Recovery Essentials comes with powerful tools that computer technicians or IT experts can use straight away:

  • Fully-featured visual partition editor
  • Scriptable command line
  • Advanced recovery options
  • Web browser

You can read more about EasyRE for computer repair professionals here.

What is a recovery and repair disk

Windows 7 LogoMajor PC manufacturers no longer give customers a real Windows 7 installation DVD along with their purchase of a computer.

A Windows 7 installation DVD can be used to recover your PC, not just install a Windows 7 copy. The DVD has a “recovery center” that gives you options to Automated Recovery (attempts to fix automatically any errors found), System Restore (restores your computer to the last working state) or you can access a command-line for advanced recovery options.

Instead, customers are expected to create a recovery media themselves – on a CD, DVD or USB drive.

Your computer’s hard drive might have a recovery partition added by the manufacturer, but what happens when your PC or Windows isn’t working or you’ve lost the disks you had?

If you can’t boot into Windows or your PC isn’t working, only a bootable recovery and repair CD/DVD/USB can save you.

Download recovery disk for Windows 7

Easy Recovery Essentials, our recovery and repair disk, uses a non-destructive repair process that can recover your PC without formatting your hard drive or reinstalling Windows.

It comes with our powerful Automated Repair feature, an antivirus scanner built-in, the ability to access System Restore, tools to browse the Internet (a web browser) and back-up your most important files (documents, videos, pictures, music and so on), memory diagnostics and a command-line tools for advanced options.

Some of its features include (see list of features here):

  • One-click Windows repair
  • System Restore
  • Web browser
  • File backup
  • Antivirus scanner
  • Partition editor

Update: Please note that this disk is no longer free, due to licensing restrictions imposed upon us.

Download Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 7

Our recovery disk supports x86 and x64 platforms and all Microsoft Windows 7 editions:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • Windows 7 Professional (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • Windows 7 Home Basic (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • Windows 7 Starter (32-bit edition) (Starter is available only in 32-bit)

It works with any Windows 7 that has Service Packs installed:

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

The disk is in ISO image format that you can burn to any CDs, DVDs or USB sticks and then use it as a bootable recovery CD/DVD/USB. We provided step-by-step instructions how to burn the ISO image below.

It’s a 120 MiB download file.

You cannot use a recovery or repair disk to install or reinstall Windows 7.

Burn to CD, DVD or USB

NeoSmart Technologies has published a guide on how to burn an ISO image to CD or DVD. This ISO image can be burnt to any CDs or DVDs and even USB drives.

You can burn the ISO with your favorite burning program. We published step-by-step instructions and guides on how to do this:

If you prefer to have a recovery USB instead, follow our guide on how to make a EasyRE recovery USB drive here.

Compatible with PC manufacturers

Our recovery and repair disk works with any desktop computers, workstations, laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks or servers computers from all major PC manufacturers, Dell, Asus, IBM and more.

It works with older or no longer on the market PC brands, such as Gateway Computers or eMachines PCs.

Dell, HP

Dell recovery disk

This disk is compatible with Dell PCs and its manufactured series:

  • Adamo
  • Inspiron
  • Studio
  • Vostro
  • XPS
  • Latitude

Do you have a Dell computer running Windows 7? Read our recovery and restore guide for Dell.

HP recovery disk

Easy Recovery Essentials works with your HP computer, including any of these series and models:

  • ENVY
  • EliteBook
  • Essential Home
  • Pavilion
  • x2 models

Do you have a HP computer running Windows 7? Read our recovery and restore guide for HP.

Asus, Acer

Asus recovery disk

It works with any Asus computer model that runs any of the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012

Do you have an Asus computer running Windows 7? Read our recovery and restore guide for Asus.

Acer recovery disk

Acer users can download our disk. It’s compatible with all Acer models:

  • Desktops models: Aspire M and T, Aspire X and Predator G
  • Notebooks models: Aspire R, Aspire V3 and Aspire E
  • Netbooks and ultra-thin computer models: Aspire S7, Aspire S5, Aspire S3, Aspire P, Aspire M, Aspire V7, Aspire V5
  • Netbooks models: Aspire One

Do you have an Acer computer running Windows 7? Read our recovery and restore guide for Acer.

Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung


Lenovo computers are supported by our disk, including any of the following series:

  • Laptops models: ThinkPad and IdeaPad
  • Desktops models: Thinkcentre and Ideacentre

Essentials series for laptops and desktop PCs are also supported.

Do you have a Lenovo computer running Windows 7? Read our recovery and restore guide for Lenovo.


The disk is compatible with any Toshiba computer model: Satellite, Qosmio, Portege, Tecra, Kira family series and All-in-One desktop series.

Do you have a Toshiba computer running Windows 7? Read our recovery and restore guide for Toshiba.


Samsung users can download our disk. It is compatible with any Samsung laptops or desktops:

  • ATIV Book, Gaming and Business PC series for laptops
  • ATIV One for All-in-One desktops

IBM, Compaq, Gateway, eMachines


Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer division in 2005. You can download Easy Recovery Essentials if you own a IBM computer.

It is compatible with IBM desktops and laptops models, like the ThinkPad series.


The Compaq company was acquired by HP in 2002.

It is compatible with Compaq notebooks and desktops, including the Compaq Presario series.

Gateway and eMachines

Gateway Computers was acquired by Acer in 2007. If you happen to have a Gateway computer, you can download our disk. It is compatible with its manufactured series:

  • Series SX, DX and One ZX for desktop systems
  • NE and NV series for notebooks
  • LT series for netbooks

Do you have a Gateway computer running Windows 7? Read our recovery and restore guide for Gateway.

eMachines computers were available on sale until 2004 when Gateway Computers (above) brought the company. Gateway was acquired in 2007, but the eMachines brand was used until 2012.

If you own a computer from eMachines, you can download our disk as it is compatible with eMachines PCs.

Disk for Windows 8, Vista, XP or Server editions

Easy Recovery Essentials is compatible with other Windows versions, not just 7.

Windows 8

Read more about our recovery disk for Windows 8. It supports Windows 8 and its update, Windows 8.1.

Download for Windows 8.

Windows Vista

Read more about our recovery disk for Windows Vista. Easy Recovery Essentials supports all Windows Vista editions, from Vista Starter to Vista Ultimate, and the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Download for Windows Vista.

Windows XP and Server 2003, 2008 and 2012

Windows XP is supported by Easy Recovery Essentials. This includes Service Packs of XP too: SP1, SP2, SP3.

Easy Recovery Essentials supports all Windows Server editions, such as Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012 and the updated versions: Server 2003 R2, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2.


Easy Recovery Essentials supports all Service Packs (SP) of your Windows:

  • Windows XP SP1, XP SP2, XP SP3
  • Windows Vista SP1, Vista SP2
  • Windows 7 SP1, 7 SP2
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows Server 2003 R2, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2

Download Easy Recovery Essentials from here.

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  5. Que mala onda, me emocione al leer el comentario de que es “gratuito” y cobran por bajarlo U_U!

  6. Que mala onda, me emocione al leer el comentario de que es “gratuito” y luego después de tanta busqueda intentente bajarlo y cobran U_U!

  7. Ray, use gparted and format the HDD and start from there. If its a total corruption, try a different HDD.

  8. My CPU came with Windows XP then I got the upgrade Disc to Windows 7.So do I get the XP or windows 7 Recovery Disc

  9. hi,I been having problem with my Gateway NV 53 series laptop that says “Windows Boot Manager: Windows failed to start, because a recent software / hardware might be the cause.” I’m just wondering if this product will fix the problem on my laptop or do have I to go to a repair store or buy Windows 7 or much worst buy a new laptop?

  10. hi,I been having problem with my Acer laptop that says ?Windows Boot Manager: Windows failed to start, because a recent software / hardware might be the cause.? I?m just wondering if this product will fix the problem on my laptop or do have I to go to a repair store or buy Windows 7 or much worst buy a new laptop?

  11. My son accidently deleted windows off the hard drive what can I do that wont cost anything or cost much to fix it? Thank you

  12. Hi, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. When I logon to windows then i get error “IE stop working”. How can i fix this using windows 7 recovery disk?

  13. My Laptop will not start up at all what should i do to fix this? I have no disk for repair and nothing on my credit card right now please HELP!

  14. HELP I HAVE NO MONEY ! NEED A DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Hi,
    since last week my netbook has been receiving an error everytime I try to turn it on
    “missing BootMGR Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart”
    I know that this is probably because I accidentally marked the wrong drive as my active partition.
    I was wondering if this CD would help me fix this error. I’m also concerned because my netbook does not have DVD/CD rom. Is there anyway that I can fix this error using a thumbdrive?
    Thank you for taking the time to read

  17. I am trying to repair a Widows 7 Student on my system. Will this download work as well?

  18. Went to do a factory reset on HP g61 model with windows 7 installed from factory and half way through it I get an error message of 0xe0ef0003. Will this download for windows 7 fix this problem and allow me to continue. I have no disks of course.

  19. Hello,

    When I start my comptuter (HP Pavillon) there is the following message:
    BOOTMGR is missing
    Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

    I tried to reload Windows but I got the following message: REM couldn’t perform the screening because couldn’t detect 2 HDDs on this system.

    So I would like to know if your product “Windows 7 Recovery Disc $19.75” could fix my problem or not?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Best regards,

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  21. I have MS. My Dell 1754 laptop’s my window to the world, wrks my eqpment + has ALL data/financials etc. Was getting ready 2 back it up (bought 2 32bit SanDisk flash drives) when it crshd in the middle of a simple game. suddenly had a yellow screen, hissed loudly & now refuses to boot up. I get a blue ‘why it’s broken’ screen i can read but laptp pwrs off in about 20 secs. When running any fix-it i.e. Windows repair or the floppy Windows 7 disks [mine’s 32 vs 64] it suddenly & continusly pwers down aftr ~20 secs. Restarts brng me 2 the blue ‘we shut Windows down 2 prevent harm’ screen. Tried every choice in F8, CTRL + pg up, pg down etc, & prayer. m dsprate. canNOT reformat d/t too much vital stuff can’t lose. HELP & thnx to any/all suggestns

  22. Thank you very much! It helped me to solve my problem. Such ready disk as this saves a lot of time.

  23. I have PC problem. Register is merged with a backup of the full register. Now PC is not working.
    I can select BIOS, reboot sequence, but the different boot menu’s of W7 don’t work. The system hangs. I can use a recovery disk, and remove the total register from the PC this way. However I want to import the backup register of Windows 7 back to the Windows 7 PC X64 that does not have a functional register any more. Does your recovery disk provide solution to Import the Backup Register into the PC Windows 7 x64 register, that is currently empty. I removed all items because of the incidentally merged register causing the problem.

    Tks for response.

  24. Thank you so much! My computer crashed and I use your windows 7 repair and now it is up running!

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    Thank you.

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  28. I have a fairly new Acer Aspire Wind 7 that runs very slow, crashes alot and seems to have a virus as I have been told. Is their anything I can do short of replacing the harddrive? Thanks

  29. Very incompetent technicians at Dell “support” installed windows vista instead of reparing Windows 7, will this CD reinstall Windows 7? or is it gone once Vista was in place?

  30. Had purchased a computer that did not include a system or OS disc. Never made a recovery disc. Got my recovery disc through and it worked great! I would highly recommend them to anybody.

  31. Hi I bought a pre-owned Sony Vaio PCV- H21m PC. The pc used to have vista installed, but now has no operating system installed. Do I download vista or can I download and install windows 7?? Can you please help. Thanks!

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  33. Hi I live in Ghana and my computer came with Windows 7 pre-installed on it. My computer has broken down so I need this.I don’t have credit card but I’m willing to pay. Which medium do I use to pay? Thanks

  34. hi i installed linux mint thanking that i could dul boot when it failed and now it set the default ios to mint. so i saw that the files for windows 7 was still there. if i get this disk will it allow me to get into windows 7 and erase linux mint

  35. i am having major windows issues that are originating from the registry and a corrupt admin profile leaving me with a standard account to work with, will this download help or is there another route i can take?



  37. Hi! I have a HP G60-519WM that loads to the windows boot manager only, and will not start windows. When I run recovery from the BIOS, it takes me the the blue screen code BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO. Would this repair this error?

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